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fire hose accessories function

Fire hose accessories include: hose to hose connector, fire hoses and nozzles,hose hook, Hose Bandage , Hose Bridge ,hose water filter, water brancher.

1. hose pipe bandage is used to wrap around fire hose leaks, Composed of canvas straps and metal clamps and other components.

2. hose reel hook is a tool for hanging fire hoses. when laying fire hoses vertically upwards, the water hose hook is used to hang the water hose on a ladder or other object, which can not only reduce the downward force of the water hose,and control the fire nozzle to shoot water and extinguish fire. It consists of a canvas belt, a metal hook, and a half ring.

3. Hose Bridge of hose reel is an equipment used to protect the fire hose from affecting the normal operation of vehicles when it is horizontally laid on road. 4. Fire hose interfaces include: reducing interfaces, irregular interfaces, threaded interfaces, etc. Used for connecting water hoses, fire hydrants, fire pumps, fire nozzls, and other water spraying devices. There are various types such as internal buckle type, insertion type, and threaded type, Machino fittings, Storz connectors etc.

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