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  Fire nozzle types

Fire nozzle types:

  1. lowpressure fire nozzle:working pressure 0.2MPa-1.6MPa
  2. Middle pressure fire nozzle :working pressure>1.6MPa-2.5MPa
  3. High pressure fire nozzle:working pressure>2.5MPa-4.0MPa
  4. Directly spray fire nozzzle with strong impact force and penetration force, which is mainly used to fight ordinary solid material fire.
  5. Fog spray fire nozzle has a strong fire extinguishing ability for indoor fire, but also can fight electrical fire, combustible dust fire and some oil fire.
  6. Multi-purpose fire nozzle can spray both directly spray and water fog spray, and the two jet modes can be exchanged or used in combination, good mobility, good adaptability to fire site.