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fire protection equipment types

Fireman PPE types including: 1. Fire insulation suits: made of aluminum foil, the whole body is silver, divided into pants, jacket, gloves, boot cover, hood. The hood has a helmet to protect the firefighter’s head. The eyes are goggles, transparent and mainly thermal radiation. 2. Electric insulation clothing: Made of nylon coated fabric material, can prevent the high voltage below 7000V. This suit is resistant to high pressure, and flame retardant, acid and alkali prevention, mainly used for electrical work when the body protection. 3. Heavy chemical protection clothing: It can fully protect all kinds of toxic and harmful liquid, gas, smoke, solid chemicals, biological agents, military poison gas and nuclear pollution 4.Fire fighting suits: made of outer layer, waterproof breathable layer, heat insulation layer, comfort layer multilayer fabric composite, blue and black with silver green reflective strip clothing 5. Avoid fire clothing: When firefighters dress avoid fire clothing and use fire nozzle meanwhile ,can move freely in the heat. If have no water gun cover, also can walk in the fire for about 10 minutes.