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Fire truck operation notice

  1. When lay working fire hose and fire nozzle, adopt heterotype coupling (Mutual transition between plug-in coupling and hermaphroditic coupling) and reducing coupling (Transition in plug-in couplings or hermaphroditic couplings) according to the requirement of model (plug-in coupling or hermaphroditic coupling) and inside nominal diameter of outlet pipeline, working line, water nozzle and delivery bead of fire pump system to transform and connect couplings among outlet pipeline, working line and delivery bead etc.
  2. The time that fire pump (vacuum pump) continuously imbibes vacuum (priming water) can not be more than 5 minutes.
  3. Do not run fire pump when outlet pressure of fire pump is over 0.6MPa and outlet valves are close.
  4. During operation process of fire pump, close inner inlet valve if there is no need to inject water to water tank through inner inlet pipeline.
  5. Only after tread the clutch for 5 seconds, Associate Pump Switch can be opened or closed.
select gallonagennozzle, nozzle with select flows
constant flow nozzles