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 fire truck types

Fire engine truck types including:

1.water fire truck, water tank capacity from 2000L to 18000L, foam and water combine fire truck,foam tank capacity can be adjust according to different using sites.  Using for general fire fighting, such as city fire, forest fire, factories and streets fire etc.also can be use to supply water ,transfer water during Drought weathers.

2. rescue fire truck (emergency vehicles), mainly to rescue ,such as natural disaster, earthquake, this rescue truck with hydraulic rescue cutter, spreader, lifting bag,portable pump, portable generator, lights etc.

3. foam fire truck : It is used to fight oil fires ,and can also supply water and foam mixture to the fire site. It is a necessary fire fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil transmission wharf, airports etc.

4. Dry powder fire truck: use to fight combustible gases, flammable liquids, organic solvents and electrical equipment and general material fires.

5.ladder fire truck: ladder from 18m to 99m, use to fight high building fire and rescue persons.

3000L ISUZU fire truck