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Fire water pump how to find fault and reslove fault

MalfunctionsPossible ReasonsEliminating Methods
1. Pump doesn’t absorb water. And the finger of pressure gage and vacuum gage jumps tempestuously.1. Filled water isn’t enough. 2. Leakage on pipeline or instrument. 3. Vacuum suction device damages or does not work. 4. Priming check valve does not work.1. Fill water in the pump again. 2. Screw down and block the leakage 3. Adjust or repair. 4. Repair priming check valve.
2. Pump doesn’t absorb water. And vacuum gage points at high vacuum degree.1. Bottom valve does not open or blocked. 2. Much resistance in suction hose. 3. Suction height is too high.1. Revise or replace bottom valve. 2. Clean or replace suction hose. 3. Reduce the suction height.
3. No water comes out from pump but there is pressure on the pressure gauge.1. Much resistance in outlet pipeline. 2. Rotation direction of is not right. 3. Impeller is blocked. 4. Rotate speed isn’t enough.1. Check or shorten outlet pipe. 2. Correct rotation direction. 3. Clean impeller. 4. Increase rotate speed.
4. Voice in the pump is abnormal and no water enters into the pump.1. Much resistance in suction hose. 2. Suction height is too high. 3. Air enters the suction hose. 4. Cavitations erosion occurs due to larger flow rate.1. Clean suction hose and bottom valve. 2. Reduce the suction height. 3. Block the leakage. 4. Turn down outlet valve and reduce flow rate.
5. Bearing is overheating.1. No lubricant in bearing. 2. Cooling pipe is blocked. 3. Pump axis and power input shaft are not in the same center line.1. Fill up lubricant. 2. Check cooling pipe. 3. Proof the concentricity.
6. Pump doesn’t absorb water and vacuum gauge does not work.1. Leakage on suction hose. 2. Primer valve can’t open. 3. Primer check valve does not work. 4. Belt pulley device fails.1. Check and block stream leakage. 2. Check and repair primer valve. 3. Check and repair check valve 4. Check and repair it.
7. There is leakage on shaft gland.Filling of shaft gland is frayed.Fill in proper filling.
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