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   Firefighter hat function

Firefighter hat is a kind of fire fighting equipments, applies to the protection of head and face from burn, cut,shock, hit, or scratch during fire fighting emergency or disaster rescue, traffic accident,vehicle extraction rescue etc.

firefighter helmet Features:

1. Features of the fire safety helmet involve in high strength, penetration resistance,electricity resistance, inflaming retardant, heat-resisting etc.

2. The mask’s light transmittance is very good with advantages of high definition,shock resistance, heat-resist, anti-fog, anti-scratch, radiation protection and anti-aging.

3. Colors:Red or Yellow

helmet for firefighters Profile:

1.This fire safety helmet is made up of the best quality PET. Four levels damping structure inside of the helmet such as high density foam buffer layer, compensating network buffer, hoop.

2.The shell of the fire safety helmet takes usage of the good quality fire insulation composite materials which can resist high temperature of 260°C. It will not drip even being flamed.

3. The knob design inside the helmet is much easier to adjust the size of the helmet.

4. The headband ensures the cool and comfort of our heads. Easy to be taken down for clean.

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