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 How to choose fire hose

Choose fire hose should according to different using sites,different tempreture, Choose high or low temperature resistant, wear-resistant fire water hoses, and choose different pressures ,such as 10 bar, 16 bar, and 20 bar etc. And should check the fire hose fittings/ fire hose adaptors standard that will connect with fire hydrant, such as storz adapters, male and female coupling fire hose, instantaneous coupling or machino coupling etc。

According to materials, Including: with lining and without lining fire hoses. Unlined fire hoses with low pressure resistance, high resistance, are prone to water leakage, and are prone to mold and decay. It has a short lifespan and are suitable for laying in fire scenes inside buildings. Lined fire hose is resistant to high pressure, wear, mold and corrosion, durable and not prone to leakage, with low resistance. It can also be bent, folded, and moved freely, making it convenient to use. It is suitable for laying and connecting fire trucks in external fire scenes.