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How to design pipeline of fire truck

Fire trucks pipeline design depond on different kind of fire truck, such as foam and water combine fire truck, Outlet pipeline is red, foam pipeline is yellow, inlet pipeline is green.

The inlet pipeline from tank to fire pump has pneumatic butterfly valve to control the use of water in tank and fire pump. The suction pipeline at the rear of pump is used to supply water from natural sources. Inlet with inlet blank cap is with suction hose to priming.There are several flow directions for the water at the outlet of the fire pump: directly into the fire monitor (there is a pneumatic butterfly valve on the pipeline to control on-off; flow to the inner water injection port of the tank (that is, the interface where the pump pumps water from natural water sources such as rivers and lakes into the tank, there is a pneumatic butterfly valve on the pipeline to control on-off); it flows to the water connection on both sides of the fire pump.

The pump room is located at the rear of the liquid tank, and there is a one-person ladder for users to get on and off the roof conveniently.

The PTO (Power Take Off) is between the transmission and engine, and it drives the water pump through the drive shaft. The operation switch of PTO (Combine Pump) is located in the front cabin.

Open the Main Power Switch of vehicle before using the buttons in front cabin or pump control panel. Open the Main Power Switch in Pump Control Panel before using the pneumatic valves in fire fighting system.

water and foam fire lorry