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How to install roll up door

Aluminium Roller Shutter Door

1.Pull-push type equipped with special guide rail made of aluminium alloy section , with nylon -made elbow insert,vertically pulled  and pushed , easily  and flexibly operated ,very compact ,which applied to installation on small vehicles and small  openings.

2.Manually -operated drum type designed  with torsional-spring drum , solid and practical, very compact ,with maximum rolling diameter not more than 25 cm ( The roller shutter  door is less than 3 m in height), provided with water-proof sealant on both sides of the guide rail,featuring good water resistance, which is widely used for fire engines, rescue vehicles, emergency  service vehicles , special purpose vehicles, etc.

3.Motorized type designed with 220 V tubular motor, with built-in 433 MHz rolling code transmitting and receiving system, manually or remotely controlled, the remote-control distance being 20 m outdoors. The opening speed of 15 rpm, stopped in case of obstruction when opening ,rebound in case of obstruction when opening , with  adjustable stroke; The 12 V and 24 V on-board inverter power supplies may be  provided accordingly to successfully solve the problem AC converted to/from DC.

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