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 How to operate fire monitor of fire truck

After parking the fire truck, first turn on the “main power” switch and “system switch” on the pump control panel. At this time, the “water tank” liquid level will be displayed on the panel control screen, and the position and angle of the fire monitor should be adjusted on the top of the vehicle, aimed at the fire source, and the monitor discharge ball valve manually opened. To ensure that the chassis engine is working, first turn on the “Tank-to-Pump” switch to allow the water in the tank to naturally enter the fire pump to prevent water hammer. Then press the “Combine Pump switch” on the cab console, the fire pump starts to run at idle speed, and the water column sprays out from the monitor. Slowly rotate the hand throttle clockwise to increase the speed of the fire pump. The pressure and flow rate at the pump outlet will increase accordingly, allowing the fire monitor to continuously eject water.