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Operating instructions of fire pump

  1. Fetch water from natural water source (Lake, riverway etc.) by vacuum pump to put out the fire.
  2. Take out DN125mm suction hose. After connecting with filter, connect the suction hose with intake hose of fire pump and put the filter into water. When connect every suction hose, check whether O-ring is in good condition seriously and screw down couplings. The depth that filter is put into water should not less than 500mm. Intake hose should be obturated if it doesn’t connect with suction hose.
  3. Take out working line according to requirement, connect it with water nozzle and connect working line and lateral outlet coupling of fire pump well. If fire monitor is used, there is no need to connect working line and fire fighters can directly operate on the top of the tank.
  4. Close rear inlet pipeline, outlet pipeline of fire pump system and various valves on foam system.
  5. Open priming switch under priming cabinet, start engine (Transmission of the chassis is in free position.) and tread clutch for 5 seconds then press Associate Pump Switch on the instrument panel in the cab. If indicator lamp of associate pump switch is light, PTO is connected then fire pump works. Run fire pump in a low speed, and check whether operation is proper. Increase accelerograph gradually, so the speed of fire pump will increase. At the same time, observe the change of vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and tachometer of engine. When finger of pressure gauge arises from 0 to 300KPa (Viz. outlet pressure of fire pump reaches 3kg/cm2), vacuum pump will stop working automatically. While increasing rotational speed of fire pump, fire fighters could open outlet ball valve slowly. Water nozzle discharges pressure water to put out fire. If fire monitor is used, outlet valve of pump system should be closed. And fire fighters press inlet switch of fire monitor and pressure water will be discharged to put out fire through monitor orifice. Control accelerograph, modulate pressure of fire pump to satisfy the requirement of fire field.