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personal protective gear comprise

personal protective gear (ppe’s) including: Fireman suits, fireman jacket,fire fighter trousers, firefighter hat/helmet, fire fighter boots, fireman gloves, safety belt, firefighter axe.

Fireman Suit is the protective clothing that firemen wears during firefighting. It can be used to wear near-fire operation to prevent heat damage to the human body,It is a basic and suitable personal protective equipment in fire fighting operation.

Fireman boots

Product Profile:

Fireman boots teel Toe Metal Sole Fire Boots.

Technical Parameters:

Upper Material: PU

Outsole Material: Rubber

Material: Rubber with steel plate


Puncture resistance: 1400N

Electrical insulation performance: breakdown voltage > 5000V

Heat insulation Performance:5.8℃

Leakage Current:: 0.057mA

Radiation resistance to heat permeation: 6.8 ℃


The internal insole should be puncture resistant and be constructed of fire resistant.

Outer sole is made in one-piece slip-resistant rubber, and have resistance to abrasion,perforation and heat penetration.

The boot has additional reinforcements on the instep and sides.