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Electrical Combined tool of speader and cutter


Used for cutting emergency rescue operations.  with a self-contained power ,  operate without oil pipes. The C-shaped blade design is particularly suitable for cutting vehicle components, metal structures, pipelines, and profiles;

(1) with a self-contained power ,no need for external power sources

(2) Split design for switches and lighting

(3) The  lithium battery can display the battery

(4) Precision processed high-strength lightweight alloy steel blade, lightweight, strong shear ability, sufficient toughness, and can be re ground;

(5) Cutting edge anti splash design and protective cover ensure the safety of rescuers and rescued personnel;

(6) Adopting bidirectional hydraulic lock with self-locking function;

(7) The body is made of lightweight and high-strength aluminum alloy

(8) Automatic reset directional valve