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Fire fighter gloves



  1. flame retardant,waterproof and breathable,anti-static,comfortable.
  2. Low preheating shrinkage,  good  dexterity  and  gripping  feeling,   comfortable,

convenient use, flexible, waterproof performance characteristics.

The fire protection gloves are made of special aramid material. The surface of the gloves is free of powder, no particulate contaminants, and no hair loss, so it will not pollute the dust-free environment. Suitable for use at 180-300 ℃,for hand protection  during firefighting and other environments.


Four layer made of the outer layer,waterproof layer, heat insulating layer and the

lining struc- ture. Made of permanent flame retardant fiber materials.


Overall thermal protective performance of TPP:30.1cal/cm2.

After flame time, smoldering time of outer fabric is 0s

Heat shrinkage rate:gloves are 2% and the lined is 1%

Anti hydrostatic pressure≥7

Pickup 6.5mm diameter steel bar 6.5 times in30s

Wearing time is 2.0s

Heat resistance: shrink ratio of glove4.5%

Whole protection performance: 28.3cal/cm2

Flame retardant: damage length less then100mm, flame after time and smolder time

less than 2s.