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firefighter suit


firefighter suit is made of four layers of materials. It consists of an outer layer, a waterproof and breathable layer, an insulating layer, a comfortable layer, and have a reflective mark on the upper and lower parts of the garment.
Main Technical Parameters:
Weight: ≤3 kg.
Flame retardant, waterproof, breathable, heat insulation, dyeing resistance, anti-static and strong marking performance.

Firefighter Suit is the protective clothing that firemen wears during firefighting. It
can be used to wear near-fire operation to prevent heat damage to the human body,
It is a basic and suitable personal protective equipment in fire fighting operation.
structural feature:
Overall thermal protection performance TPP value>28cal/cm²
1. Outer layer:Aramid materials blended with three-in-one
para-aramid and m-aramid fibers,moisture resistance grade 4,

color fastness 4 pole.
2. The waterproof and breathable layer is aramid felt coated
with PTFE film.After 25 times washing, the oil repellent reaches
4 grade.Water vapor transmittance > 5000g/m2. 24 h
3.Insulating layer: aramid water insulation felt.Flame retardant, thermal stability.
4.The comfortable layer: 50% aramid and 50% flame-retardant viscose blended

*All cloth after washing or use will not fade, do not deform, do not appear damage,
*Can be customized according to customer’s fabric requirements