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hydraulic spreader


Product Profile:

Hydraulic Spreader can be used with motor pump or manual pump to achieve spreading function. The spreader is light in weight and have strong spreading force.

When fire, traffic accident, earthquake and other disasters occur, rescue by controlling the spreader’s expansion, stretching, tearing, squeezing and lifting.


Rated Working Pressure 63MPa
Spreading Force 40KN~120KN
Hauling Distance 535mm
Spreading Distance 615mm
Weight 20KG
Dimension 850×270×180mm


1. The working cylinder block is forged with high light aluminium alloy and the blades is made up of high strength imported alloy steel. Use special heat treatment.

2. The Novel push-button switch can be operate easily by thumb and forefinger. That can ensure the precise control of the tool in rescue operation; the superior self-locking performance ensures the arbitrary position of the too in operation and protects the safety of the rescuer and rescued people.

3. The optimum design of spreader structure ensure the stability of spreader spreading, clamping and drawing operation.

4. The system adopts import anti-stripping self-locking high pressure fast coupling easy to insert and detach,reliable performance.