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electrica water monitor


Ⅰ product introduction

PSKD20 electric-controlled water monitor is designed by ourselves based on home and abroad advanced technologies. It has two control methods: wire and wireless control which makes people far away from fire field that can ensure safety. It has characteristics of novel structure, stable and liable performance, flexible operation, easy to maintain, low pressure at inlet, large flow, long shoot range, light weight and small body, etc. It can extinguish solid fire when spray water column, and when it spray water fog, can cooling the temperature for fire rescuing.
It is applicable for light-duty fire trucks and fire ships, also as head monitor on the vehicle to extinguish closed fire to protect the vehicle. Meanwhile it can be used in mineral and industrial enterprises, warehouse, oil field and storage tank. All of its specifications and parameters are comply with National Standards Universal Technical Specifications for fire monitor .

Ⅱ main technical parameters and performance



Shoot range


P             (MPa)

Max elevation          (°)

Min depression angle(°)

Horizontal angle