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  SCBA Feature

SCBA (self contained breathing ) with oxygen mask ,cylinder and Wireless sensor type HUD,the device consists of two parts: wireless pressure sensor and pressure HUD , at 10 ~ 30MPa green light;at 6 ~ 10MPa yellow light,at 6 MPa below read light and began to vibrate.

SCBA breathing apparature Main technical parameter

* protection time (min)68
Cylinder capacity (L)6.8
gas storage (L)2040
inspiratory resistance(Pa)0~500
expiratory resistance(Pa)≤1000
Alarm pressure(MPa)5.5±0.5
Rescue interfacewaist
HUDBackplane sensor
** weight   (kg)8.7
alarm5~6MPa(after alarm still continue to use 5  ~8 min.)
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